Ironwood Organics
Contact: Chris & Mary Wooding
Address: Lower Oak Leaf Road Athens, ON, K0E 1B0
Email Address:
Phone: 613-382-8709
About Us
Ironwood Organics is a small farm located in eastern Ontario. We have recently expanded (by an order of magnitude!), and produce organic cereals including wheat, rye, oats and barley. Our primary passion is landrace wheat. We believe that a mixed farm model, pre 1950, along with organic agriculture practices will provide a stable sustainable farming model that enhances biodiversity, produces premium products, and minimizes ecological impact. Our mission is to be a leader in growing organic heritage grains while supporting a strong baking and brewing community.
Keeping the landrace cereal varieties alive is an investment in our future. It may be a long shot, but having seeds that are 'climate ready' may save the day.... some day...some day soon. Community is where we live, grow, eat, and prosper. The more connections in the community the stronger, more stable, vibrant and viable it becomes, (not unlike the environment in which we live).