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Feel free to browse products and learn about our vendors, then when the store opens on Sunday, shop away! and we'll see you Thursday between 4 and 6pm for pick-up, in front of Town Hall beside the fountain.

Ordering from Gan Farmers' Market online helps to build and support our community, and to preserve our precious agricultural land for future use. 

We also have an in-person market in the park by Town Hall every Thursday evening. Come see us then, including other vendors not present in our online store.


Every week at noon on Sunday, the shop will open and you'll be able to view new products and place your order, until 7 pm Tuesday when we close the shop to allow our farmers, bakers etc. time to prepare your items.  We're accepting payment via e-transfer, which you'll need to send immediately after check-out in order to confirm your items. Pick-up will be Thursdays out front of City Hall beside the fountain - Please choose your 15 minute pick-up window!  To make it easy for you and us to know when you're coming, please add one of the available time slots to your cart - this will appear along with the other items on your order confirmation, so you can refer to it if you happen to forget! You'll find it at the top of the products list, on the "Shop" page.


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